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Our Story

Named after its original owner according to an old custom, “PRI KUMRU” is home to kindness, tradition, and hospitality. First welcoming guests back in 1906, it was this very house that soon turned into a welcoming haven for rafters and anyone else who made their living on the river.

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Our Menu

Our inn, always emanating the local throb, offers a wide selection of food and drinks. Although a rich array of pizzas was added to the menu in 1996, our primary range includes pristine local cuisine following old traditions, yet combined with a contemporary and customer–friendly approach (štruklji dumplings of various kinds, the Savinja žlinkrofi dumplings and other local delights). Our rich history can in part be experienced in our summer garden arranged as a traditional raft, making the visitors feel the special mark left on this place by our predecessors. Our restaurant is always at one with the pulse and rhythm of local life, offering a broad selection of delicious food and refreshing drinks. Although we added a rich selection of pizzas in 1996, the menu primarily features authentic local cuisine, prepared according to ancient traditions yet with a modern and customer-friendly approach. The history we represent is on display on our patio, which was designed like a traditional raft, which gives visitors an intimate feeling of the special mark left on this place by our predecessors.

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Our predecessors left us traditional recipes and invaluable experience for us to pass on to those we share our table with, and for us to complement with new tricks, methods, and ingredients. The Savinja žlinkrof is a gastronomic treasure of our valley, its tradition having been maintained through countless generations. We have dusted off the old recipes and lavished upon them a bit of modern love and care, making creations that are brimming with delights from the forest.